vitaminIt is amazing the way are emphasized possible “side effects” of any vitamin supplement while deaths caused by approved drugs, prescribed and normally used medicine are totally forgotten by the media and the public administration – not to mention the avoidable deaths caused by medical errors.


  • Vitamin integrators 0.0001%
  • Bee punctures 0.0008%
  • Insect bites (general) 0.0020%
  • Sports injuries 0.0020%
  • Lightening 0.0041%
  • Animal bites 0.0048%
  • Horse Racing 0.0052%
  • Penicillin allergy 0.0144%
  • Slips / falls 0.019%
  • Electrical accidents 0.038%
  • Frostbite 0.048%
  • Firearms (accidents) 0.079%
  • Poisoning 0.17%
  • Asthma 0.19%
  • Household fires 0.19%
  • Drowning 0.21%
  • Food poisoning 0.24%
  • Traffic accidents 0.37%
  • Gas (radon) 0.68%
  • Murder 0.94%
  • Suicide 1.41%
  • Motorcycle accidents 2.20%
  • Medical Errors 2.40%
  • Alcoholism 4.79%
  • Approved Medications 5.18%
  • Smoke 7.19%
  • Cancer 22.11%
  • Cardiovascular problems 47% .

This statistical highlights the relative safety of food supplements, compared with many other causes of death.

1) Medicines tested, approved, prescribed and normally used , are the fourth cause of common death – something that never gets reported. (Source – Journal of the American Medical Association-from 90,000 to 160,000 deaths per year. It is as if a Boeing 747 a day would precipitate. Every day in USA 46 people are dying because of the side effects of aspirin.

2) The avoidable medical mistakes are the sixth common cause of death (Source CDC – Center for Disease Control, from 40,000 to 90,000 people). In Australia 9000 people die annually due to preventable medical errors. (Source, Australian Medical Journal. Also in Australia each year 50,000 people reported permanent damage (maiming, mutilation) for the same reason.

3) Poisoning and adverse reactions arising from the normal nutrition are causing 5000 to 9000 deaths a year. (Source: CDC).

4) The dietary supplements have had on average less than 5 deaths recorded in the last 25 years in the U.S. Most of these deaths are related to a single batch of genetically modified tryptophan sold in late 1980. (Source: CDC / FDA – Food and Drugs Administration) There are no deaths recorded in New Zealand due to the vitamin integrators.

5) A wide variety of supplements consumed by more than 50% of the population, both in America and New Zealand.

6) It is harder to die because of vitamin supplements than a bee sting, a sport accident, electric shock, an insect bite, a fall from horse, because of radon gas, etc.

7) The supplements are incredibly safe.

8 ) Supplements reduce the potential risk of cancer and heart problems more than 50% (the optimists claim up to 75%).

9) People die 26,000 times more often due to avoidable medical misfortunes and side effects of approved drugs, prescribed and used in accordance with the rules because of the vitamin.

10) We all have the presumption to claim the total safety of supplements.