Healthier lifestyle can be surely a difficult task to achieve and maintain. Many of us have a quite compromised intestine as a result of the poor choice we take on our diet and many bad habits.

Bad habits may lead us to an inreased vulnerability of our body by reducing our immune system ability to fight against disease. Stress is also playing a major part by damaging our body response to sickness which can lead to further complications. It is extremely difficult to think positively when our body is crying out its poor conditions and if we stop thinking positively, life can slowly become a burden instead of a gift.

There are many ways to improve our physical conditions and lifestyle but all of them will be vain if we first do not start working on our mental apathy. The most challenging of all tasks is to start doing something right, whatever it is. We might commit to a new diet, practicing sports or following training sessions. Some of these approaches may work for some while different ones work for others. In some case new approaches tend to create new habits by replacing partly or entirely older ones not always bringing benefits

Many of us fail at the starting point, some are failing along the way but most of us succeed in doing nothing and sometimes we do not even recognize the facts that we have a problem. Externalization of all our problems is a typical human response and it is reflected in many things which surround us such as our economies for examples where enterprises are trying to externalize business costs. Externalize our trouble leave us temporarily free from stress and it is very appealing practice in our mind. We usually say to ourselves that our problems are due to bad governments, our bosses, our jobs or any other exterior cause.

We know that the world was there even we were younger but at that time it was giving us no trouble at all, however once we started a closer interaction with this world, the worst parts of it took our life upside down as an infection disease. We change our friends, our job but after sometime the problems are reappearing in the new environments.

A friend of mine told me once a story of a guy which one morning took its car and while driving on the highway saw a truck coming towards him on the wrong lane. After a quick turn to avoid it he thought: “That was a really crazy guy”. After few minutes he saw another car coming toward him also on the wrong lane and then another and another. While trying to escape a very bad situation consuming all his mental and physical energy he was thinking “what happened to the world this morning? “.

Now if the guy realized that he was the one driving on the wrong lane that morning he would have been a good one isn’t it?

I thought at first that this story sounded very childish but after many years I think that that is maybe one of the smartest ways to make a point.

Our mistakes are not always evident from scratch. We learn by trial and error and if we fail we should be happy since this will bring additional information to show us the correct way to go, provided of course we listen and we are willing to learn. Our failure must not be seen as a failure, they are not. They instead are improvements on our abilities to step forward. Sometimes it is painful for us and mistakes force us to revise our choices; but that is exactly what they supposed to do in order for us improve and move forward on.

So what can we do to stop this negative state of mind, but mostly the question is how we can use this bad thinking and convert it in positive?

In fact we have to consider that a negative state of mind is rarely stopped neither controlled by just saying to ourselves “stop thinking about it”. The more we try to stop it the more we reinforce it. It is there and represents a very high energy charge. We can’t destroy energy but we can definitely use it and convert it in something we want.


By looking at it as it is and have fun of it. When we have fun we are very productive and our sense of joy is making us thinking positively.  Fun is what we really have lost in our adult life experience. Fun is at the very base for every real success in history. Fun is a very powerful energy which can lead us to great achievements. Isn’t funny to read back this post and think: “What am I talking about? Why should I spend my time on such nonsense thoughts?”

Try to analyze a baby mind looking for negativity. You won’t find a shrink of it. What you will find is a pure energy. Children usually get what they want. If we ask ourselves why, then we will find that children have a renewable energy reserve focused to one point and if later in life they get control on it they will be great achievers.

So to achieve a healthier lifestyle what we should do is learn from the master of positive thinking.