vitaminIt is amazing the way are emphasized possible “side effects” of any vitamin supplement while deaths caused by approved drugs, prescribed and normally used medicine are totally forgotten by the media and the public administration – not to mention the avoidable deaths caused by medical errors. (more…)


Money    What is value? How do we measure it?

Citing the great italian professor Giacinto Auriti, value is the ratio between two different time phases. (more…)

Healthier lifestyle can be surely a difficult task to achieve and maintain. Many of us have a quite compromised intestine as a result of the poor choice we take on our diet and many bad habits. (more…)

In 1970 the nobel price Linus Pauling wrote the book “Vitamin C and the Common Cold”. The book was a bestseller and brought to the attention of the public the necessity for humans to complete their diet with more micronutrients in order to live an healthy life. (more…)

Are we heading for an Economic Armaggedon ? (more…)